Seminar Title: China - Opportunities and Challenges

Seminar Topic: China - Opportunities and Challenges
Seminar Language: English.
Speaker: Peter Cheng, NCCBA Vice President
Date: Sunday, Oct 31, 2004, free and open to NCCBA members and general
Time: 1:30 PM ~ 3:30 PM.
Networking Social: 3:30 PM ~ 4:30 PM

Gross Chemistry Building, Room 107, Department of Chemistry, Duke
University, Durham, NC 27708. Room seats 360 people.

Parking is available at corner of Circuit Drive and Towerview Drive with
on-street parking along Towerview Drive. It includes a small open lot and a
large gated lot. Please leave
enough time for parking.

Driving Direction:


China is becoming the 21 century powerhouse. What does this present to
individuals and companies in the U.S.? Some U.S. companies are struggling
either in their effort in breaking into China market or in their China
sourcing work. Peter Cheng is going to discuss the opportunities and
challenges for doing business related to China. Seminar includes art of
Chinese business and tips on doing business in China. Critical insight into
specific "China issues" that confront American business today and China
market entry will be discussed.

Whether you are a Chinese or an American, an engineer or a sales person,
please bring your resume to the seminar if you are interested in doing any
type of work that is related to China. Or you can email your resume to There are companies that can use your talent in both U.S.
and China. NCCBA plays an important role in this free match work for U.S.
and China companies with its talent database. NCCBA organizes trade mission
to and from China. This announcement has been sent to local government
agencies and companies. Great networking opportunity after the seminar. For
any question about this seminar, please call (919) 219-4787.

Per requests, NCCBA will accept membership application on the site before
and after the seminar. We encourage professionals and entrepreneurs to join
this exciting non-profit organization. You will be invited to members-only
networking social events and seminars among many other benefits. Check out
NCCBA web site for details: