NCCBA May 2005 Events Highlight

NCCBA, since its founding last fall, has signed on over 30 members whose profile range from MBA students to entrepreneurs and business owners in the Triangle. The non-profit organization has gained momentum through its business-oriented seminars such as Marketing 101, Achieving Excellence, Doing Business in China, and Application of Sun-Tzu Art of War in Business.

This summer, NCCBA will continue to host more seminars focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship for local Chinese Americans, the first one being "Patenting Your Inventions and Technologies" on May 25th (Wednesday) at Brier Creek Country Club. The seminar will consist of a lecture by 2 patent attorneys followed by interactive panel discussion with entrepreneurs, patent attorneys, and the audience.

On May 21 (Saturday), the Asian Pacific American Community Forum, co-organized and co-sponsored by NCCBA in conjunction with National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium (NAPALC), National Association of Asian American Professionals-North Carolina (NAAAP-NC), Advocacy for North Carolina Asian Pacific Americans (ANCAPA), Asian Pacific Americans for Progress, and Orange County Department of Human Rights and Relations, will be held in Chapel Hill. This forum will consist of keynote lectures and interactive workshop sessions to provide local community leaders and advocates with a variety of resources and skills needed to better serve the growing Asian Pacific American community in North Carolina. Issues impacting the Asian Pacific American community in North Carolina including immigration, human trafficking, employment discrimination, access to healthcare, Title VI, grassroots organizing, and racial profiling will be discussed.

NCCBA, in partnership with National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP-NC), will be launching a mentorship program for those ranging from college-bound youths and college graduates making their first step into the professional world to mid-career professionals looking for further career guidance. NCCBA's board of trustees and certain members of NAAAP-NC have committed to being mentors to those in need of college and career advice. More information can be found at NCCBA website in the coming weeks.

We invite you to visit NCCBA website at for more information regarding the above upcoming events.