Seminar Title: Effective Job Hunting

We are very proud to present NCCBA’s second seminar on August 28 jointly hosted by CAFA, and NCSU CSSFA. In the future, NCCBA will have more seminar series. Through seminars and other activities, NCCBA will provide networking and business opportunities for its members and associates.

Seminar Title: Effective Job Hunting

When: Saturday, August 28, 2004, 2:00- 4:00 pm


NCSU Witherspoon Student Center Cinema

Building 81:

Direction: See below for direction.


Free during weekend. There is parking zone along the Cates Ave.

Organized by:

NCCBA – North Carolina Chinese Business Association

CAFA – Chinese-American Friendship Association at Triangle Area, NC

NCSU CSSFA – NCSU Chinese Student and Scholar Friendship Association

Speaker: Mr. Peter Cheng, Vice President of NCCBA, former Vice President of CAFA, did job hunting seminars in the past for the Chinese community. It has been very well received and we heard excellent feedback. Per requests of many students and professionals, we are hosting this seminar again this year. Peter Cheng is going to share his insights on how to get closer to the job you want. He had opportunity to be coached throughout his job hunting by several mentors, including a Philip 66 Vice President, who interviewed over 1000 people in his career, and an HR manager with 18 years of experience in a Fortune 500 company. He has a passion of developing strategies for job hunting. The tips and techniques he collected and developed over the years are well-accepted by his friends and colleagues. He has helped many of his friends in their job hunting. Some of his techniques are designed specially for Chinese students and professionals.

If you are not sure about the answer to the following questions, we invite you to this seminar:

1. As an international student, what note should you put at the bottom of the resume to increase your opportunity to be hired? Many job seekers forget to think about this. Bilingual is not really the best answer. 2. What question should you ask when setting up the interview over the phone to make sure you will have an easier day? Most of the time, job seekers don't know they can ask this question. 3. When should you bring up Green Card question or should you even ask about this? 4. What is the question you must ask to stay ahead of other job seekers at the end of the interview? Many times people forget to ask this. 5. Which department in an organization should you contact to get the best chance of being hired? The answer is not Human Resources Department. 6. Is headhunter your friend? The answer is "Maybe and maybe not". Peter is going to tell you why. (No offense the headhunters who receive this email.)

You will get chances to ask questions during the seminar.

You can also submit your questions to before the seminar. Peter will try to cover your questions at the seminar depending on the popularity of your questions.


Take the Gorman Street exit (exit #295) off I-40. Turn onto Gorman Street towards NC State (left if coming from I-40 East, right from I-40 West) and follow it to the second traffic light. Turn right onto Avent Ferry Road. At the third light, cross over Western Blvd to enter campus; Avent Ferry Road will become Morrill Drive. Proceed down Morrill Drive until it intersects Cates Ave; take a left at the stoplight. Witherspoon Student Center will be the last building on the right when Cates Ave. ends at Dan Allen Drive.