Letter From Frank Wang, Ph.D., Chairman Of The Board, NCCBA

Dear NCCBA members and friends:

I hope all of you are doing great these days. As past president and current Chairman of board of NCCBA organization, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and encouragement for the NCCBA.

In the recent NCCBA board meeting, the new leadership was elected and put into place. I am very excited about the future of NCCBA under the new President-Dr. YanChing Zhang. On behalf of NCCBA board, I would like to thank YanChing for her to take the new responsibilities to serve our members.

Lots of members knew YanChing through past NCCBA events. She is well qualified for the position. She is Ph.D. Duke MBA and currently Client Executive at IBM. YanChing bring the NCCBA with experiences, talents and energy. I believe our NCCBA members will see all of her good aspects more through future NCCBA activities.

During the past two years, it is my pleasure to serve you as NCCBA President. It was very exciting to work on different stages for NCCBA development. Our goals and purposes are to serve our members and make our community strong in business. If our Chinese can be very good in Science and Engineering, why not be in business. But in order to achieve high lever to business, we need to work together, help each others, and learn from each others. The key to reach these is to get people together-so called business networking. Through our member’s efforts, we have many seminars and networking events. I hope our members benefited from NCCBA. There are many good stories to tell about NCCBA. If you need a lawyer, we know how to get there or get reference. If you need accountant, we know where to go. I personally have witnessed the new business and partnership generated through NCCBA activities. Our partnership with CED has bridged us with NC business community more closely. I encourage our members to be more engaged and involved. We should use NCCBA a good platform for our members to play and shine.

At the same time, I would like to thank our members for the understanding. NCCBA work is challenging since all of us have heavy responsibility for our own daily jobs. We want to improve and would like to hear your voice, feedback and criticism. It is very important to have your voice for NCCBA. NCCBA is very open for your suggestions.

Looking forward, I am very excited to work with NCCBA new leadership and our members to make NCCBA a great organization.


Frank Wang, Ph.D.